SR Dresdner Bank is a private boutique bank managed and jointly owned by SR Dresdner Group and two family trusts. Its core business is to provide leverage facilities and custodial services to trading partners and institutional investors, and to assist in raising growth capital for promising technology enterprises.


SR Dresdner Bank offers security, privacy and confidentiality to affluent individuals seeking to diversify their wealth in a jurisdiction other than where they reside.  We protect deposits from our clients under the strong privacy laws and regulations of the Samoa government. and grow their capitals through spreading across a number of institutional partners in a number of jurisdictions. SR Dresdner Bank has identified several premier offshore funds that offer our eligible international clients significant tax benefits.


The Bank maintains a strong team made up of internal and external advisors to provide oversight of its operations, which covers Management, Investment, Finance and Audit & Compliance. The Bank currently operates at capital adequacy ratio above 18% and $300 million in asset under management, and a $10 million indemnity insurance coverage.


Through the Group’s integrated financial investment platform, we provide innovative ways to meet the evolving investing needs of our clients through all of life’s changes.


Our Investment Banking team specializes in tailoring efficient and cost-effective corporate finance solutions, from accessing the capital market to financial restructuring and other value-added services. We have cultivated strategic relationships with a collection of best in class Financial Institution and venture capitalists. Our Capital Introduction platform was designed to help promising technology startup enterprise to source growth capital. The goal is to produce capital sourcing and asset growth. We recognize that raising capital is a vital aspect of your business, so we make it a core responsibility of ours.


Going “off-shore” is no longer just a way to protect the assets, but to build wealth. Being the backbone of the Group’s integrated investment platform, our private banking services offer investment products such as:


  • The facility to transact in investment instruments such as deposits, foreign exchange, precious metals and derivatives etc.
  • Structured capital-protected low risk depository notes linked to actively-managed fixed or enhanced income products.
  • Non-capital-protected managed trading programs tailored to capture opportunities in the market that carry higher risk and offer the possibility of high returns.
  • Flexible structured products that seek to benefit from market movements while limiting investment risk to suit individual investor’s risk appetite.
  • Alternative investment funds for individual investments or as part of a portfolio management.