SR Dresdner possesses unparalleled depth and breadth of industry and operational expertise from over two decades of delivering dedicated brokerage services in the region.  We offer a range of brokerage services include over-the-counter (OTC) foreign exchange and bullion, exchanged traded indexes and agricultural products to money managers, hedge funds, investment advisors and professional traders.  SR Dresdner Group’s integrated platform provides our clients with multitude of value added services such as access to major exchanges around the world, leveraged trade financing and trade execution, margin keeping, retail broking and leading edge electronic trading desk among other things.

Our suite of prime brokerage services enables clients to trade from anywhere in the world, while centralizing all clearance, settlement, financial and administrative services.

Our products and services are implemented and supported by our team of industry experts, which enable our clients to focus on their core competencies, increase their edge, and capture profit opportunities. Owing to the effort of our integrated team of operations, risk and compliance personnel, SR Dresdner also support a network of independent brokers that use our infrastructure and compliance oversight to service their clients.

At SR Dresdner, we are dedicated to providing our clients the most advanced innovative trading technology and impeccable customer service with the offering of leading edge industry platform used by leading financial firms and advisors for enhanced trading of electronically traded derivatives.  We help our clients to trade with a competitive edge using algorithmic trading tools designed for high-performance low-latency applications built on unmatched market access, powerful automated analytics and trading functionality, multi-asset trading capabilities and effective risk management.  Hence enabling our clients the ability to create and handle various order types, automate trading with proprietary strategies that integrate with back-office data, API programmability and functionality.